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The August issue of Culture, Art, Attitude in Life magazine is out!

After a long hiatus AttitudeWe are happy to be among you with the number of.

The August issue of Culture, Art, Attitude in Life magazine is out!

Latest Helin Bolek and Ibrahim GokcekWe joined you with their special issues.

İbrahim Gökçek Special after our countİdil Cultural Center, in which our magazine is also included, was published twice. GroupArrest warrant for Bahar Kurt, a comment worker and owner of our magazineremoved. Likewise, Grup Yorum workers Betül Varan, Seher Adıgüzel andEmel Yesilirmak is a prisoner. All the attacks we have experienced, our country is is just a reflection of its reality.

captivity,Search warrants were dropped about us. We know that we resist, produceWe live for these attacks. Our art with our resistance inside and outsideWe have not forgotten our mission to grow. Because we promised Helin and İbrahim.Our concerts were banned, we did not accept these bans and got angry, on the contrary, all artistsWe gave a bigger answer by bringing our friends together.

In this issue too this is what we’ve been throughwe told you. We will continue to make, resist and produce art for the people.With this enthusiasm, we say Hello again…

In our next issue to meethope…

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