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The Diary of the 2nd Day of July and the Detention

About to set up our stands on Friday, July 12We went to the festival area. We completed our preparations and set our tables.We put up our banners and put on our aprons. Before we open our tableshundreds of police were waiting in full gear with TOMAs and detention vehicles. HEThe other left groups made a common call for us to protest yesterday’s attack.They would make a press release. Police allow action while the press text is readannounced that they would not give in, otherwise they would attack. But despite everythingThe action continued, whereupon the vile police attacked with all their might.We resisted with our slogans. ” SHOULDER SHOULDER AGAINST FASCISM, GROUP COMMENTIT IS THE PEOPLE, IT CANNOT BE SILENCED, LONG LONG REVOLUTIONARY SOLIDARITYTAKES! 3 of our friends were detained with batons and torture while shouting slogans.receipt. Devrim Deniz Karataş, Elvan Altınarı, Furkan Ersöz were taken.Bruises and wounds were seen in many parts of our friends in custody. AOur friend’s arm was bandaged due to a bruise. 6 hours of detentionThen our friends were released. 5 of the other left groupsOur friend was detained.
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