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The Long March was in Mannheim

Today’s Stop of the Long Walk was Mannheim.

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Picnics, weddings, concerts, permission applications they have done and participated in… being “punished” for reasons that push the limits of reason, completely “coercive”, with penalties that do not have an equivalent in their own laws and the constitution, as in any case. they did not succumb to the threats and blackmail of the session, for which they face “forced” sanctions. They have increased their ongoing resistance and continue to resist with the “Long March”.The Long March was in Mannheim

Today, on April 20, 2021, leaflets were distributed and signatures were collected in the action that took place in front of the Mannheim train station. On the other hand, red carnations, the symbol of the resistance, were given together with the Alzey People’s Assembly. A gift was given to our child Bahtiyar, who has been in the Resistance Tent since the first day of the resistance and even grew up during this period. The action ended with the dances.

At the same time, we are waiting for everyone to the court of İlker Şahin on April 23.The Long March was in Mannheim

< p class=”MsoNormal”>”We have been resisting for our right of residence for 2.5 years. They are trying all kinds of ways to make us feel guilty. They do not hesitate to use the court to intimidate us and take a step back. We expect everyone in court on Friday to nullify this policy.

We are meeting in front of the Court at 10:30.

Ilker Şahin is not alone

Action Start Time is 10:30

Address: Luxemburger Straße 101, 50939 Cologne”

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