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The State is Responsible for the Massacre in Konya

In an armed attack on a house in Meramilce district in Konya on 31.07.2021, 7 people, including four women, from the same family were killed as a result of a racist attack. After the armed attack

the houses of the Dedeoğlu family were set on fire. In the massacre that took place, Yaşar Dedeoğlu, Barış

Dedeoğlu, Serpil Dedeoğlu, Serap Dedeoğlu, İpek Dedeoğlu, Metin Dedeoğlu and Sibel

Dedeoğlu were murdered.

The family was attacked before and By saying “we are nationalists, we will not let you live here”, a massacre has been threatened

and the DEDEOĞLU family has been killed

without taking any precautions.

This massacre is not the first time and it will not be the last. These massacres and attacks will never come to an end as long as the racist and reactionary administration of AKPFascism continues, as the crisis of inability to rule deepens, and as long as the civilian fascists are supported by the state


As for fascism. The only solution will be to send the killer police to the scene after these massacres have taken place.

We are calling out to our people; The solution is in the revolution, on the side of the revolutionaries. Order rots, revolution

makes life. AKP Fascism will never bring justice to this people.

AKP Fascism Will Give Account for the Pain and Massacres It Inflicted on the People!

We Want Justice, We Will Get It!


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