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The Unsilenced Voice of the People Grup Yorum Continues Hunger Strike

“Neither for my love of singing nor for making my voice heardI don’t sing so many songs. The sound of my honorable guitar is both emotional andhe is right.” Victor Jara
Grup Yorum is in the heat of the fight and in Free CaptivityThe indefinite hunger strike continues.
Group Comment’sThe hunger strike resistance outside is on its 86th day on Sunday, August 11…
August 11 starvation of the Özgür Tutsak members of Grup YorumWe provide the strike logs below;
Bahar Kurt (Burhaniye T Type Prison) hunger strike
59. On the day.
AbrahamGökçek (Silivri 9 Prison) on Day 56 of the hunger strike.< /b>
Helin Bölek (GebzeOff Female Prison)The hunger strike is on its 55th Day.
Barış Yüksel (Prison No. 9 in Silivri) hunger strike
53. On the day.
“Group Comment It is the people!”not a slogan we say .Group Comment’s hunger listeners,
families de ownsand support is on hunger strikes. Comment members Helin Bölek and İbrahim
Gökçek’s family also shared in the hunger of their children.they are on hunger strike for support.
Grup Yorum’s Indefinite Hunger Strike Demands:
– Our institution should not be published!
– Concert bans should be lifted!
– Remove lists!
– Release the imprisoned Grup Yorum members!
– All the lawsuits filed against us should be dropped! Our demandsbe accepted immediately!
Let’s not leave Grup Yorum members on hunger strike alone, to themletterstyping,
Let’s support them by stating that we are with them.
Grup Yorum Responds to the Lists of Fascism with Compositions
People’s Unsilencing,Unblockable Sound New Composition by Grup Yorum: March 8 March
Composition: Hasan Biber Soloist: Umut Gültekin
Edit: Umut Gültekin Baglama: İhsan Cibelik
Chorus: Grup Yorum Folk Choir
Listening to “March 8 March” by Grup Yorumand Download Link Below
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