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Third Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – On the Murder of Haiti President Jovenel Moise

U.S. Imperialism, the Enemy of the Peoples of the World, Killed the President of the State in Haiti with a Night Operation!

We Will Create Bright Futures Together with the Peoples of the World Against the Dark Night Operations of Imperialism!

US imperialism July 7 In 2021, he murdered President Jovenel Moise with the operation he carried out in Haiti, a small island country in the Caribbean Sea. The US Ambassador to Haiti, Edmond, admitted that the operation, in which at least 28 people participated in total, was originally organized by the so-called “Drug Administration” (DEA) of the USA and 26 of the operators were Colombian nationals. It was also determined that at least 6 of the Colombian assassins were former military members. There are many more question marks about this operation, which has plunged Haiti into great uncertainty and chaos. For example, how were the operations able to enter the residence of the president, which is under the control of Haitian security forces, without any conflict? Why did the assassins try to take shelter in the Taiwanese embassy, ​​one of the strongholds of the counter-revolution? Why don’t the European imperialists, who have the right to teach the whole world a lesson in “democracy”, do not speak up when the president of a country is killed?

This Incident Has Been Us Once He has already shown that US Imperialism is on the offensive in order to consolidate its dominance over the world, and that it will intervene in the newly colonized countries without any borders or rules!

However, the murdered ex-president Moise was a loyal collaborator of US imperialism. The people of Haiti, living in great misery, have organized mass actions and uprisings against the Moise government and the USA, which opened its doors to the US capital and the IMF during the years in power, and which has serious corruption allegations against them. The Haitian oligarchy fell into a serious political crisis in the face of this anti-imperialist popular uprising. These developments in Haiti, that is, next to the USA, started to worry imperialism. The main reason for the US decision to liquidate Moise is the dogfight within the Haitian oligarchy and its impact on the international drug trade. Haiti’s interim president, ClaudeJoseph, said in a statement to the press that Moise had “declared war” on a part of the Haitioligarchy for his own interests and was killed for this reason. The Haitian oligarchy has an important role in the Colombia-US line, which is one of the main routes of the world drug trade. So Moise’s “waging war” on these sections directly contradicts the interests of imperialism. That’s why imperialism liquidated the Haitian president because of this dogfight. Because the drug trade is one of the lifebloods of imperialism. Imperialism wants to keep people away from the revolutionary struggle, to corrupt and poison them with drugs. This is one of the basic policies of the order, especially in neo-colonial countries such as Haiti with strong revolutionary dynamics. With this operation, it has now been seen before the world public that the so-called “fight against drugs” teams of imperialism such as DEA are a big lie, and on the contrary, Imperialism is personally organizing the drug trade. Revolutionaries Will Dry Up the Drug Swamp You Have Created and Made Billions of Dollars in Profits, Poisoned Our Youth and Torn Our Families, For Which You Have Committed Massacres! In Haiti, where more than 80% of its population lives below the poverty line, hunger and misery peaked especially after the 2010 earthquake. Now, the collaborator, traitor, the government of Claude Joseph has demanded that the United States invade Haiti with its military forces. It is US IMPERIALISM ITSELF that has condemned the people of Haiti to this life and murdered the children of the peoples of Haiti, Latin America and the world! For this reason, the peoples of the world can never help the armies of imperialism and the promises of “democracy” of the imperialists, on the contrary, the only way of salvation for the peoples of the world from Anatolia to Antarctica, from Antarctica to Latin America is to FIGHT AGAINST IMPERIALISM! We stand by the struggle for independence, democracy and socialism against the oligarchy and oligarchy, we will be with you! The Haitian people are not alone in their struggle!

Third Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee - On the Murder of Haiti President Jovenel Moise

Long Live the Brotherhood of the Peoples of the World! Long Live Our Joint Struggle Against Imperialism!

Hands Off Haiti, Killer USA!

We Will Dry the Drug Swamp, We Will Become the Executioner of Imperialism

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