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Turan Aktaş Resistance Diary

On the 598th day of my resistance, I continue to demand my job back. I will not leave the door of the CHP Şişli mayor Muammer Keskin, who does not recognize the court decision. I will expose the CHP to the public, which will scream every day those who persecute me, my family, my friends. Muammer Keskin, who was elected mayor by the people for 5 years, sees the municipality as his father’s property. He thinks we are slaves who are bought and sold. It throws workers seeking rights out into the street every day. The most cruel mayor who has come to Şişli municipality gets his strength from our disorganization. Today we heard about the meetings. During the epidemic, they could not enter the public due to bans. It was our first opportunity after 19 May. I have to expose the CHP mayor to the public. My other resistance friends Ramazan, Salih and a friend from the resistance council went to the artists park in Harbiye, where the event will be held. There was not a large crowd, a music band was playing and singing, the president was expected to come, noticing us, non-human labor enemies, many of whom had managerial positions in Şişli municipality, started to wander around us, so we sat on the chairs set up and started listening to music. After a while, Muammer Keskin came and was surprised to see us while he was walking around saying welcome to everyone. But since he is a politician who knows the rules of protocol very well (these guys smile at the party who swears at him for votes)

The music was not ending, they were saying the last song and saying something in their ears. And we put on our aprons to expose the President and we started to expose the conversation. A mob attacked us and beat us. They tried to stop it, we continued our action for 10 minutes. They divided each of us by pulling, and then we said that our action was successful and left the area.

One of those who battered us, Mahmut, the cleaning manager, is the traitor who betrayed the workers. While he was a worker leader, he sold himself to the boss and took over the workers and made the workers vomit blood. My actions exposing CHP and Muammer Keskin will continue.

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