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Walk Magazine Stand Opened at Grup Yorum Concert in Switzerland

Walk magazine stand was opened for the first time in Switzerland.
Grup Yorum band held in Switzerland on Sunday, March 17In his concert, the Walk Magazine Stand was opened.
Captive Ebru Yeşilırmak with various postersThe old special issues of the Walk Magazine stand on the magazine stand with its poster.There was also a small exhibition of paintings with their covers. Also, the old WalkTheir magazines also took their places on the table.
As well as many visitors to the Walking Journal deskspecially invited director of the Swiss Association of Reporters Without Bordersalso visited. The association manager, who stayed at the table for a while and chatted, is in Turkey.about the March Journal reporter who was in prison andreceived information about the arrests with the last raid. journalists in Turkey.expressed his regret that his condition is at the lowest level in the world rankings.He said that it is possible to talk about what can be done about joint work.said.
Participating in the concert as a speaker, Palestine, Colombia andApart from the Swiss, Iranians and Spaniards also visited the Marching table andthey had conversations. They received the English version of the book “Uncle of a Revolution”.
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