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Walking Magazine is the Voice of Truth Cannot be silenced

GaziOzan, where the technical works of the Walking magazine located in the district ofPublishing was raided by AKP’s murderous police on 14-06-2019.Ali ARACI, Merve KURT, Ümit ÇİMEN and Yılmaz VIRANER were the murderers of the AKP in the raid.Torture was taken into custody by the police.
Unable to manageThe AKP government, whose crisis has deepened, is against all segments of its own against attacking the revolutionaries.continues to attack. The march magazine is the voice of the truth, the murderer AKPraids, tortures, detentions, arrests to silence the voice of truth.not enough. Your raids, your operationsIt cannot intimidate us, Even if you arrest us hundreds of times, even if you are detained by torture.If you do, you can’t finish us off. You won’t be able to stop our march. in custodyWalking magazine employees and Grup Yorum member Ali Araci were released immediately.let it be!
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