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“We are at the beginning of our Ebru! Our Ebru is in Our Hearts!”

“We are at the beginning of our Ebru! Our Ebru is in Our Hearts!”

The people’s lawyer Ebru Timtik, who was martyred in the struggle for justice and the death fast resistance demanding a fair trial, was commemorated at her grave by the Istanbul Contemporary Lawyers Association on Friday, August 27, on her death anniversary.

Ebru Timtik, the people’s lawyer for the right to a fair trial, was martyred on August 27, 2020, while resisting the death fast that lasted for 238 days.


The Contemporary Lawyers Association Headquarters also published a written statement on August 27, 2021, we share:

We commemorate our colleague, member, friend EbruTimtik with respect! His memory will live on in our struggle!

“You will take life seriously, that is, to such an extent that, for example, you can die for people with your arms tied behind your back, your back to the wall, or your big glasses, your white shirt in a laboratory, both for people whose face you have not even seen, and when no one forced you to do this, even though you know that the most beautiful and the most real thing is to live.” Nazım Hikmet Ran

“We are at the beginning of our Ebru! Our Ebru is in Our Hearts!”

< p>Our colleague, the ancient member of our association, our friend Atty. Ebru Timtik’in, Atty. It has been a year since he lost his life on 27.08.2020 during the death fast he continued with Aytaç Ünsal, demanding the right to a fair trial. Ebru’s fight friends, the pain is still fresh, her breath is still broken, her heart still beats with Ebru. Throughout his professional life, he was a lawyer who did not perceive the power of attorney as limited to a judicial representation, but on the contrary, he knew that this power of attorney meant to resist him when necessary for the rights and freedoms of his client. For this reason, he never practiced his profession only in his office or in the courthouse. On the contrary, he wanted to meet with the workers in the resistance area, to reach out to the pain there when there was a work murder, to set up a tent in front of the prison when necessary, to resist in front of his door to take a decision from the prosecutor’s office, to be a part of the struggle against drugs in the neighborhoods. accepted as an inseparable part of his profession, to protect himself against torture with his body and not to take care of the funerals of his clients who were murdered by the police. Ebru was an immaculate example of the ÇHD’s legal tradition. We consider it a legacy to keep this tradition alive.

The injustice and injustice that Ebru resists by revealing her life is getting deeper day by day.

The people who were expelled by the Emergency Decrees still lack the right to work today, trying to survive in conditions of hunger and misery.

While the perpetrators who murdered women are acquitted by the judiciary, the prisons are overflowing with imprisoned students, lawyers, journalists, Kurdish politicians and revolutionaries for their political thoughts and actions.

Production places are fire places… Workers and laborers continue to work in factories in the pandemic environment, with full profits.

Natural resources of the country are being plundered. Fires that cannot/cannot be controlled, floods that cause heavy destruction are current examples of raging capitalism’s systematic violation of the right to life of future generations.

There is no law in the country, there is no functioning judicial mechanism, the right to a fair trial is just a written expression on paper. But there is torture, there is illegal evidence, there is secret testimony, confession, there is hunger, there is misery, there is state terrorism. However, for all of us today, this struggle is also the legacy that Ebru has left us. We bow respectfully before Ebru’s memory!

We declare once again that we will cherish his memory in our struggle, protect his legacy, and continue to act as the advocate of the oppressed and exploited!

Contemporary Lawyers Association Headquarters

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