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We Attended the “Combating Antistalinism” Conference on Stalin’s 140th Birthday

Stalin’s 140th Birthday So
Organized “The Struggle Against Antistalinism Is The Only Condition For Today’s Revolutions”
‘Group Comment, Germany People’s Conference on 13,14,15 December
We joined as the Front and the Anti-Imperialist Front.

Belarus to the conference apart from us,
Russia, Czech, Ukraine, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Slovakia,
Croatia, Kyrgyzstan and Philippine countries participated.

We Attended the

By the Communist Workers’ Party of Belarus
At the conference held in Minsk, the ideological struggle against anti-Stalinism and
Do not refute the lies of the anti-Stalinists with concrete information and
a speech describing how it should be to continue the struggle
we did.

More than 200 of all the institutions of the Popular Front in Turkey
our prisoner, our youth organisation, our lawyers, artists and
We started by conveying the greetings of our resisting comrades. Here in our talk
we said it was important for us to be
We also want to make a revolution in our country.
By saying that we are organized in Europe, we are talking about Anti-Stalinism especially in Europe.
We told him that we know him very well from the left and that we are fighting against it.

The struggle against Anti-Stalinism in three concrete points
We explained its importance. By giving concrete information in our speech, to the Moscow Trials,
We touched on the Katyn Massacre and the Non-Aggression Agreement.

Excerpts from our talk;

Stalin Means
In Socialism, Persistence Means Faith and Determination!

Stalin Means
It Means Victory Over Imperialism, It Means Defeat Of Imperialism!

History is not made by individuals, history by individuals,
It is not the work of heroes. History is the history of class struggles. Date
is the work of the masses. If individuals and heroes are considered in this framework,
the actual values ​​are given.

Moscow Trials to the public, press, foreign
the country’s officials and live from the radio, the newspaper, to the entire Soviet people
was being delivered. Even if there is even the slightest mistreatment, as some claim.
even a single hint of the detainees is the “democracy” of the imperialist bandits.
It could have turned into a toil, but it didn’t. Let’s mistreat
In their statements, some detainees tortured the officials.
They were saying that they were doing (not speaking, distracting, etc.).
Everything has been kept very clear. They broadcast live from 17 radios of the world
The Moscow trials and indictment have been translated into nearly 40 languages.


Zinovievs, Kamenevs, Bukharins and
their supporters cooperate with these powers and with Hitler’s fascism, with German imperialism.
They were punished for trying to overthrow the Soviet system. Or,
They are “opponents” of Stalin or have different views.
not because they exist.
The testimonies of a conspirator named Reingold, who was included in the Zinoviev, Kamanev team
that what happened and those on trial are far from being “opposition”
It proves how right the claims are.

Treachery, treason, collaboration with impunity
can’t stay, shouldn’t stay!

Slaughters And
Oppression is the Work of Imperialism
Imperialism’s Katyn Massacre Lie

Imperialists and Russian collaborator
The biggest persecution of traitors and fascists against the USSR and Stalin.
one of the lies and smear campaigns, perhaps the largest
“Katyn(Katin) Forests Massacre”.

Poland is a country bordering the Soviet Union.
In order to protect the border, the imperialists want to cut the distance between Poland and the Soviets.
This is why the Katyn katami lie is told.

History Reviews Despite All Attacks
Real Evidence Documented the Massacre that the USSR Didn’t Do
All Efforts of Imperialism And Its Collaborators Are In Vain…

Stalin and Stalin with lies, slander and Demagogues
socialism cannot be defamed.
To massacre millions of people is the work of Imperialism and fascism
The Katyn Forest massacre and dozens of concentration camp massacres are the work of fascism.
The propaganda minister of Fascism started the Katyn Massacre lie, imperialism

Stalin Means
It Means Victory Over Imperialism, It Means Defeat Of Imperialism!
Stalin Against Fascism

Stalin means the defeat of imperialism

Why did Stalin come together with Fascist Germany?
forced to sign a non-aggression pact? Mainly English and French
throughout the 1930s, all imperialist states, including
They rejected the USSR’s offers of a collective security treaty in Europe and
They entered into a policy of appease Hitler. When Hitler annexed Europe,
When they invaded Czechoslovakia, they made no sound. All his efforts were unsuccessful
The Soviet Union had to make a non-aggression pact with Germany.

Anywhere we are against anti-Stalinism
We will continue to fight. The revolution against anti-Stalinism
It’s part of the struggle. The most important pillar of the revolutionary struggle is ideological.
it’s a struggle!

To reject is to reject Marxism-Leninism!
To be a Stalinist today is to fight imperialism and fascism for socialism!

Stalin World
He is the Leader of His People, He is One of Our Leaders!

To Leader Stalin
It is our promise; We Will Shake The World Once Again From Turkey!

We ended our speech with these sentences and many
Despite the country’s speech, our speech was appreciated by all participants.
listened with interest and astonishment. Organizations that later let us know their thoughts
that it is very important to talk with such concrete information and that Socialism
Although we did not live there, it is very nice to be able to describe Stalin and your Anti-Stalin in this way.
they found it valuable.

Also, all participants in the conference 14-15-16
Invitation to the Anti-Imperialist Front Symposium to be held in Athens in February
ve v and our English brochures on Grup Yorum and the People’s Front.
We distributed it.

Conference protocol and other
In the next news, we will find out on which topics the speakers gave speeches.
we will share.

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