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We Call All Our People to the Trial of Sami Baydar on June 23

The Syriac People’s Struggle for Liberation Cannot Be Criminalized

We Call All Our People to the Trial of Sami Baydar on June 23

People’s Assembly WorkerOur Comrade Sami Baydar Is Not Alone!

Long Live the Syriac People’s Legitimate Struggle!

We invite all our people to attend the hearing of Sami Baydar on June 23!

German imperialism has been organizing attacks against our comrade Sami Baydar and his family for a long time. He wants to end Sami Baydar’s struggle for democratic rights and freedoms with his policies of intimidation and intimidation.

Sami Baydar is a 29-year-old family man living in Augsburg, Germany. He is the son of the Syriac people. HE; He is a revolutionary worker who defends that the liberation of the Syriac people is possible with the Marxist-Leninist ideology and knows that the liberation of the Anatolian peoples is in a Fully Independent, Socialist Turkey. Grup Yorum has never left the side of the People’s Law Office and the Revolutionaries. Now, their efforts are being tried by German imperialism.

German imperialism does not want the Syriac freedom struggle to be united with the ML ideology and to develop on the basis of the brotherhood of the peoples, not nationalism. He wants to prevent the Syriac people from acting with the slogan of “the only way is revolution, the only salvation is socialism”. This is why the attacks against Sami Baydar are taking place.

The salvation of Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and all Anatolian peoples is in socialism!

The Syriac People’s Assembly cannot be prosecuted!

Sami Baydar is not alone!

The People are Right We Will Win!

The trial date and time: 23.06.2021 at 8:30

Location: Amtsgericht Augsburg,Gögginger Straße 101

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