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We Know and Will Take Our Rights in Europe from TAVIR Publishing

Book Title: We Know Our Rights in Europe and We Will Take It By: Sena Erkoç Publishing House: Tavır Publications Published Date: August-2021

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We Know and Will Take Our Rights in Europe We Know and Will Take Our Rights in Europe from TAVIR Publishing

Knowledge is Power Seeking Right is Also a Right

We Will Live and Win With This Knowledge!


The struggle for rights stems from the emergence of humanity It has always continued

against the oppressor and the cruelty of the oppressor until today. In class societies, the ruling class has always resorted to oppression in order to establish its authority over the other class and to maintain its own


Where there is oppression, the peoples of the world have also applied to the right to resist.

Where there is injustice, there is resistance.

No ruling class has voluntarily granted the rights that the peoples of the world won in blood.

The rights gained from yesterday to today were won through resistance and the price paid.

And the peoples did not stop resisting to claim all their usurped rights.

Seeking rights. First of all, you need to know your right.

The person who can say, “If I can claim my right, I exist” can protect his honor, pride, backbone, ideals and


Honor is self-respect. . It is the sense of honor that makes people human.

Honor is labor. Labor is the highest value that makes people human.

We have been in Europe for 60 years with our labor, where we set out for food and work. For 60 years, we have experienced all forms of humiliation, racism and contempt in every aspect of life. European Imperialism has been treating us as second class for 60

years. Sometimes we were killed as a family, sometimes individually

we were burned alive. We have seen slave treatment. Our homes were bombed, marked, we were targeted

We lived in the worst conditions on construction sites for years. We were employed in the dirtiest jobs.

we were exploited to the bone and lost our health.

Our lungs were filled with chemicals from the factories we shed our sweat on, we got cancer, we died early

. We did not see the daylight. European imperialism crushed us in order to deprive us of the consciousness of getting our rights,

humiliated us and stole our self-confidence.

Our duty today is to take back what was stolen from us, to regain our rights. to know and own them

. In order to seek and receive rights

we must first know what our rights are.

In this sense, learning and knowing our rights is the first step, and raising awareness about them and seeking rights is the second step.

Right: These are the powers that the legal order gives to people and takes them under protection. Right to life, property

right etc. However, there are also rights that the legal order does not protect. E.g; neighbor right, relative

right, guest right, etc. Customs, morals and religion determine and protect such rights.

In other words, customs, morals and religion fill the areas left unprotected by the legal system.

There is justice where there is right, and cruelty where right is lost. For this reason, there is one right

above and below all rights: the right to resist. And SINCE THE WORLD COMMITTEE, NO tyranny CAN DESTROY THE RIGHT TO RESISTANCE.

Our rights can be usurped at any time in bourgeois democracy.

Therefore, it is the most legitimate right to resist legal tyranny and is a must. The only way to protect the rights that the peoples of the world have won in blood is to know our rights and to protect them

with resistance.

Right; It is defined as “the source of legitimacy of action and existence”. “Right arises from specificities.”

Freedom is the realization of necessity.

LIBERTY is the right of peoples to benefit from all the opportunities available in all ideological, political, economic, cultural and social fields and have equal opportunity.



The consciousness of getting rights is the principle of living with dignity.

Consciousness literally means “human’s ability to know himself and his environment, consciousness”.

Consciousness is the fluid form of knowledge that walks into life. THE STEPS OF KNOWLEDGE.

Our knowledge directs our practice and our lives.

Then, not knowing our rights makes us unable to claim our rights. Knowing our rights and

directing our lives with this knowledge raises our awareness. Then we get our strength and our justification

from our consciousness. Who are we? We are workers and laborers. You are the ones who live by their hard work. We are producers and

creators. Our sweat has flowed in the development of peoples and countries in Europe. For this reason, we must know our rights for what is ours,

for our labor, right, honor and values, and

to be equipped with the awareness of getting rights. This order, which exploits us to the best of our ability, will never grant us a right of its own


There is no democracy among the people in this order. European democracy is also bourgeois democracy.

Bourgeois democracy is a 400-year-old lie.

”Bourgeois democracy is nothing but the dictatorship of capital” -Lenin.

So bourgeois democracy For the bourgeois, it is democracy and for the working people, it is dictatorship.

Limited rights and freedoms are included in the law in bourgeois democracy. These rights have been won by the struggle of the peoples of the world

at the cost of blood

. Europe, which boasts of its bourgeois democracies, is now a police state.

The political rights of the people have been restricted and the powers of the police have been increased. Their aim is to silence all revolutionary

democratic forces with anti-terrorism laws.

The discourses of European bourgeois democracy such as “freedom of thought” are lies. They only allow freedom of thought that sanctifies their

system, which is not fundamentally objectionable.

when the balance of power allows, they do not hesitate to declare the most ruthless

wars and bloodshed against any thought aimed at eliminating the exploitation system.

In this sense, the rights in European democracy are also what the monopolies want.

as long as it does not harm their interests. Budemocracy was built on the massacres,

exploitation, blood and tears carried out by European imperialists in their colonies. European imperialists have provided their own people with relative prosperity. However, this prosperity was created with the

bite stolen from the throats of the peoples of the colonial countries. European Democracy has a single purpose;

continuing its exploitation by occupying the brains of the peoples of the world, including its own people, by dulling the consciousness of getting rights.

However, it is necessary to remember this fact over and over again, those who behave most respectfully to bourgeois democracy.

They are Marxists alone and only.

“The world proletariat has been in blood to get the rights of bourgeois democracy and

Of course, he will fight with all his might to keep it in his hands.” (14) Socialists

abandon bourgeois legality when the bourgeoisie corrupts it. Engels’ phrase “You shoot first, monsieur

bourgeoisie” is a clear indication of the Marxists’ respect for bourgeois legality. That’s why

the bourgeoisie prepares the objective conditions for revolutions by bringing pressure, coercion and violence, not revolutionaries.

In the era of socialist revolutions that started with the monopoly capitalist era, the entire proletariat < When we look at the /p>

revolutions, we see this fact very clearly. (Excerpt: Mahir-All Articles, Boran

Publications, Page 67)

The bourgeoisie can usurp all kinds of legal rights that do not serve their own interests at any time.


For this reason, we will not be content with the law in the struggle for rights, but we will

our rights with our legitimacy and rightness.

In this brochure, the European Union Declaration of Fundamental Rights and the most Fundamental Rights are included.

Knowing our rights will guide and empower us. Because knowledge is power.

We must fight against this system that claims our labor, usurps our rights and exploits us to the bone with this power.

We must fight and protect our rights.

Knowledge is Power! Seeking Right Is Also A Right.

We Will Live And Win With This Knowledge.

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