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We Want Justice Committee: We are on a hunger strike for 11 Turkish revolutionaries on September 4

In the past months, 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were in Greece were sentenced to a total of 333 years in prison.

A political decision was made as a result of a political court.

With the cooperation of US imperialism and Turkish fascism, Turkish revolutionaries were exposed to many unlawfulness, injustice and arbitrariness.

We organized demonstrations across Europe, distributed leaflets, chanted slogans and collected signatures for their freedom.

Now we will ask for their freedom with our hunger.

Let’s shout out our demand for justice and freedom with our support hunger strikes from all over Europe on September 4th.

Let us state that revolutionaries and revolutionism cannot be prosecuted through our support hunger strikes, and that revolutionism is not ‘terrorism’!

On September 4, we call on everyone to hold a one-day support hunger strike to say “freedom to 11 Turkish revolutionaries!”!

We Want Justice Committee

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