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We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

Ill Prisoner Ali OsmanFreedom for KöseWe Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

In Samandağ District of HatayOn January 16, in the Tekebaşı neighborhood, police officers, who were the law enforcement officers of the AKP,Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation,We want justice for the murderers of the family and children under the namelaunched a campaign.

is 421 days in 61 weeks, TekebaşıThe Özçelik family, who resisted in their neighborhood, was re-opened by the police in the past weeks.and their signatures collected as part of the justice campaign were stolen.

Repeat operationThe reason was to want Edibe Özçelik’s murderers to be tried.they will murder their mothers, and they will be brought to trial for their murderers.they will stop the campaign.

Fascism our childrenit kills, it kills our mothers, it steals our jobs, it kills usthe monopoly bourgeoisie locks us up in our homes and wants us to die in our homesand collaborative governments wipe their hands with their money every day while adding profit to their profits,death, blood and tears to the democratic, progressive and enlightened sectors fighting against them,prison falls, there are still those who resist all this, and in returnAKP law enforcement officers, notorious hitmen, with their mothers in front of their eyesthey killed their mother.

Nobody be quiet,no one should see, their children should not demand justice for their mothers, they should be silent and take their place.They are asked to sit down.

Against this, even if we for days,Every day, every day, every day, I continue to go out to that field and demand justice for Mother Edibe.We will do this and all the democratic progressive intellectual press institutions, journalists, institutions andIt is our call to organizations.

Justice for Edibe AnneLet’s Grow Your Request !

Justice for Edibe AnneWe want it!

Edibe Özçelik’s KillersLet him be judged!

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