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Workers of Germany HFG; We Share the Video We Have Prepared With You

The increase in the number of drugs in Germany and the consumption of drugs in Germany are increasing day by day, especially in the German cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin.

On November 04, 2020, exactly 11,5 tons Pure Cocaine seized in the Belgian port of Antwerp. It went down in history as the world’s largest overseas drug operation. Its market value is approximately 900 Million Euros. According to the prosecution, cocaine, hidden in 5 containers full of scrap metal from Guyana in South America, was sent to a Dutch company just across the border. So how could it come easily from southern America to Belgium?

What happens to 11.5 tons of Pure Cocaine now and where?

The record in non-overseas Drug Operations was last year in Pennsylvania, USA. It belongs to the US police with 16 Tons of Cocaine seized in the state. The incident was announced to be linked to the gang of former “super cop” Willy Van Mechelen, who was captured last month.

It is our duty to inform our people about this issue. In order to protect our people from drugs, we say; We are not hopeless, we are not helpless, the solution is in the People’s Assemblies!

Let’s Unite in the People’s Assemblies

We Are Against Drugs, There Is Imperialism Behind

HFG-Workers Germany

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