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Youth Statement: Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

AliOsman KÖSE, who has been imprisoned in the isolation cells of fascism for 38 years, is a revolutionary prisoner with cancer and that is why AKP fascism is not releasing Ali Osman KÖSE. Ali Osman KÖSE became the name of the revolutionary will during the 38 years he was a prisoner, did not succumb to the attacks of fascism and lived with dignity. Ali Osman KÖSE, who was subjected to torture and junta in this process, went on hunger strikes and worsened his health day by day. Ali Osman KÖSE, whom AKP Fascism consciously tried to murder in prison conditions, became a cancer patient, but his cancerous cell was only noticed 3 years later, since he was not taken to the hospital and even if he was taken, they treated the mengelears for 2 minutes. Ali Osman KÖSE was kept consciously for 3 years, while the only remedy for the treatment of a cancer patient was early diagnosis. It is very clear that this situation of Ali Osman KÖSE is the result of AKP Fascism’s policies to murder or maim sick prisoners. While AKP Fascism does not provide adequate treatment for the revolutionary sick prisoners in prisons, it tries to kill the prisoners who have health problems and want to be taken to the hospital for months, to cause their illness to progress and to leave permanent damage. These attacks of AKP Fascism are not only against revolutionaries or revolutionary prisoners, but against all the people, the youth. These are the attacks made by the youth so that they do not make revolutions and do not raise their voices against injustices. In the face of these attacks of AKP Fascism, let’s embrace Ali Osman KÖSE and all the sick prisoners

with him. Let’s attend Ali Osman KÖSE’s press release at the Çağlayan courthouse every Wednesday at 12 o’clock. >GIANT-YOU

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