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Yuksel Resistance 1671. Day Noon and Evening Statements

We Are Publishing the Noon and Evening Statements of the Ascension Resistance on the 1671st Day

Noon Statement:

“Merve Demirel < /p>

Nuriye Gülmen, who is on the side of those who resist the decree laws with hunger for 324 days, is in detention on suspicion of escaping. The rapist Musa Orhan is released on the grounds that he will not escape. Mafias, murderers are free.”

Evening Description:

“Ascension Resistance 1671.evening statement

Merve Demirel

Nuriye Gülmen has a hearing on Thursday, June 10, at 12:00 in Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse.

Let’s be at the hearing on June 10th.”

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