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As Germany Giant-Young People, We Ask: Why Is It Important to Write Letters?

Imagine that you are a part of a very honorable struggle.

Honoured, because for people you have never met, your face

you have not even seen, for children

all kinds of you are ready to pay the price,

because you made your choice not for the order, but for the right

for the RIGHT

for the PEOPLE, in short, for the REVOLUTIONARY.

As someone who believes that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than man

, you are now in isolation

. They has isolated you from people

because you have defended your opinions

because you have not lost your faith in a better tomorrow

. Because you have become a tool that brings hope

to the public for them, however, being hope

is the biggest

crime that can be committed in this order! That’s why they has isolated you

from your loved ones.

What is isolation? Isolation

is a practice that aims to isolate people

. It is almost made to make people feel like an ant in a matchbox

. Single room

Cells are approximately 11 m² including 1.5 m² toilet and shower area


What can be done for a revolutionary

This practice is the most severe punishment, because the revolutionaries are social, they have strong relations with people and they are always

in the people.

This is why

revolutionaries are isolated. Their thoughts and

personalities are demanded to be received.

(Excerpt: Our Youth in Europe, Issue 17)

Now, as the Giant-Youths of Germany, we ask:< /p>

“Why It Is Important To Write Letters To Our Prisoners?”

We share with you the answer of our German Giant – Young friend…

“(…) In the prison, in that ward , so that they are not alone in that cell…”

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