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Council of Resistances: Let’s Unite the Resistances, Organize Solidarity Brochure is Published

Let’s Unite Resistances,Let’s Organize Solidarity

The Council of Resistances is fourThe voice of those who have been demanding justice, those who have sought justice, those who resisted for years

It became

. Council of Resistancesthose who have been wronged, those who resist against unlawfulness,

combined the discards.In our assembly:

-After being persecuted by the Decreewho were fired overnight without question and whose job, bread, honor

There are public workers resisting

.There are Yüksel Resistanceists, Captive workers Nuriye Gülmen, Mehmet Dersulu, Alev Şahin, Sibel Balaç.

-Union activityThere are workers who have been fired for their conduct, but whose unions do not protect them.

With more than 500 days of resistanceThere is Turan Aktaş.

-A fair trial

lawyers, artists, architectThere are engineers, Dev-Young people.

100 thousand dismissed by decreefor the public worker, for the 301 miners killed in Soma,

Drowning in a mine in Ermenekfor the 18 workers killed, on uninspected and unmaintained tracks in ÇorluFor our 25 souls who were killed without mentioning their children, they were burned in Sakarya Hendek.Burak, who was found dead while doing his internship at Antalya Rixos hotel, for the 7 workers who were killed.For Oğraş, for Edibe Öz Çelik, who died of a heart attack in a police raid in Hatay,For the Şenyaşar family seeking justice in Urfa, 33 Kurds murdered in RoboskiFor the villagers, for all the resisting workers and Turan Aktaş, Yüksel Resistance, For the Bakırköy Resistance, with a police bulletmurdered Berkin Elvan, Dilek Doğan, Yılmaz Öztürk, Sıla Abalay,Günay Özarslan, WE WANT JUSTICE for İnanç Özkeskin;

38 years of cancer in captivityfor his patient Ali Osman Köse, for the lawyers of HHB who were sentenced to 159 years,For his lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, we WANT JUSTICE and FREEDOM for Grup Yorum.

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