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Description of Armutlu People’s Front Public School’ U Magazine

The Public School Magazine Cannot Be Prevented From Writing The Truth And Delivering It To The Public!

The PUBLIC SCHOOL magazine was confiscated before the printing phase was completed. .

WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED? Because the public school magazine exposes the real face of imperialism with all its nakedness

and tells how to give an organized struggle against imperialism.

THEY ARE TRYING; because the imperialists, especially America, have to prevent the peoples from learning the facts and organizing

in order not to destroy the colonial system and to maintain their reign.

Even though they have captured all the media organs of the world with capital, the imperialists

they could not and will not prevent the revolutionaries from reaching the people.

There are revolutionaries against their strategy that hits the left to the left, and the secret invasion of the brains of the peoples

with the capital media is only by the revolutionaries

imperialists who know very well that they will be prevented; That’s why they targeted the revolutionary

press in Turkey. In the face of their unorganized and individual left-wing, it is only the revolutionary press that stands against the imperialists without compromising

and it defends the organized struggle

and tells that liberation will never be possible without an organized overtake

. This is why the constitutional and

legal rights of the revolutionaries, who have always won the ideological war, are blatantly usurped in every field. In order to silence the revolutionaries in the fields of press, art,

science, law and politics, special laws are being enacted under the guise of “FIGHT AGAINST TERROR”, and while these laws are being prepared

all kinds of rights violations are being enacted. Great

work is done with great care to ensure that it is flexible enough to be used for In other words, when they want, they can use these laws

against anyone and anything they deem an obstacle, fear or desire


The justification and legitimacy of the revolutionaries; It is the rightfulness and legitimacy of the peoples.

Those who act as servants of the imperialists will of course be afraid of the awareness of the peoples

. The wicked terrorists of neo-colonial Turkey are the order that acts as the servants of the imperialists

, offers our homeland to capital, and is responsible for the poverty of our people

. Of course, this order will be fought against. We are facing

organized fascism, the most powerful weapon of imperialism. Organized and armed legal tyranny, those who are hostile to the people, cannot be defeated by unorganized struggle!

We say that making a revolution is not a crime, it is a responsibility. and we remind you that your raids,

repressions, your efforts to terrorize, silence, intimidation, intimidation,

frightening cannot and will never tear us away from the people!


People’s Journal is the Voice of the People,

It is the People itself! It Can’t Be Silenced!

Public School Magazine Will Continue Writing The Truth

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