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Description of Eskişehir Giant-Young Elif Ersoy

Turan Aktaş continues to resist in front of Şişli Municipality, which has a field of resistance for his job, bread and honor, on his 562nd day!

Turan AKTAŞ continues to be the voice of all workers who have been resisted for 562 days. Continuing to resist with the determination of the first day in this process, Turan Aktaş made his voice heard by carrying his resistance to CHP Şişli Provincial Municipality Building and CHP Şişli District Municipality Building. At the same time, he won the right to return to work by winning the courts he opened.

While Turan Aktaş’s righteousness continues to increase day by day, CHP and Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin continue their hostility towards workers and return Turan Aktaş, who has the right to return to work, to work.

Moreover, Turan Aktaş is resisting not only for his own rights, but also for everyone who has been subjected to injustice and resists. He pays visits to support the ongoing resistances all over Anatolia and expands the resistance with his solidarity.

As Dev-Gençliler, we stand by Turan Aktaş’s rightful resistance and we want Turan Aktaş to be reinstated to his job immediately!

Victory will be for those who resist!

We demand justice for Turan Aktaş and all workers, we will get it!


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