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Description of the People’s Assemblies

KESK Executives Expelling High Resistance and Revolutionary Public Workers Are Writing the History of Opportunism!

KESK executive is the nirvana of opportunism, now. However,

As our uncle expressed about opportunism and reformism, ‘smart leftism’ even undermines the definition of ‘free revolutionism’.

When it’s time to resist and pay the price, you’ll see that

Turkey’s minister of international drug shipments, the head of torture, becomes the chiefs of the Degenerate. They do not hesitate to take full-length photos with them and openly announce their collaborations. And, You will see that those happy poses are instantly forgotten. They do not fail to turn their backs on their discredited chiefs, who are exposed by a fascist mafiaist and a journalist spoof confessing to their dirty dealings with the order. The time has come to leave the safe harbor quickly. There has never been such a rapid turnaround in the history of opportunism. Unquestionably, everything was going well for the collaborators until the confessions came to the fore.

We Heard, Don’t Say We Didn’t, But Don’t Believe daKESK Executive Board Demands Soysuz’s Resignation!

KESK Executive Board, 22 June He is signing something unexpected by publishing a statement on his internet sites. The main subject of the statement they published is Süleyman Özışık’s confession of how thousands of expulsion files were returned by the State of Emergency commission. However, it is questioned how Özışık was able to make his extradition decisions on whose orders. They must have been stoned, this time they have no difficulty in discovering the dirty relations of the security chiefs, whom they took shelter in order to protect themselves from the revolutionary union line and with whom they signed a number of agreements. Unfortunately, they have to call for resignation.

What do you expect from an executive that is the sum of American, NATOist parties and organizations; As a matter of fact, if the US imperialism determines the situation in the Middle East lands, the KESK executive does the same. So it’s purely cyclical. That day, that hour, whichever is right is a matter of bringing to life. Principle, rule, bring justice..

According to the KESK Execution; The Power Has Been Caught in the Crime, They Will Win and They Will Come Back.. In the last part of their statement, they say ‘we will win, we will come back’, this time they reach the nirvana of heroism. No explanation can save you, decorated with games. Make such statements and defraud as much as you want, you cannot cover up your open collaboration with fascism. From now on, you can neither erase the stain of collaboration on you nor change the fact that you are nirvana in opportunism. The statement made is so forced and contrived that it is based on the intention of hiding the crimes of collaborating that has become public and to save the people they have deliberately lost, almost as if they were stealing money from the fire. However, it is widely known that the journalist draft called Süleyman Özışık was Soysuz’s hashman before and for a long time. Undoubtedly, it has been known for a long time how and under whose instructions the decisions to return are made in the export files. KESK is well aware of all this. They pretend to be new learners. From this point of view, we can easily declare that the real person caught red-handed is KESK.

To the KESK Executive Board; You lost from the very beginning. You didn’t do anything other than the protester, non-governmental, show-stopping activities, which were created by the AKP fascism together with the State of Emergency, which were created by the state of emergency. On the other hand, you attacked the Yüksel resisters, who did not hesitate to be the voice of the dismissals in the streets, at a time when there are big question marks about what going out can bring under the conditions of the state of emergency, and who even sacrificed their bodies for this cause. Moreover, you are the one who personally applied the torture methods that fascism applies to the insurgents almost every day. It was not enough, you became a partner in the conspiracy files and caused the insurgents to be imprisoned. Finally, you had the disgrace to expel them from their unions. All this is the program of your cooperation with AKP fascism that you tried to carry out in secret at first. And after implementing all these step by step, you did not hesitate to cooperate openly with fascism. Now, you take advantage of the fact that an enemy of the people who is with you on your worst day is not wanted enough by the public, let alone the fascist party. The Yüksel Resistanceists, who instill confidence in their friends and fear in the enemies of the people with their line, will win, the Revolutionary Public Workers will win, and all expulsions will return. Collaboration is Dishonored! Enmity to the Supreme Resistance is Enmity to the People! Collaborative Kesk Administrators will be held accountable to the People! Enmity to the Revolutionary Public Workers is Enmity to the Class! Collaborative Kesk Administrators will be Accountable to the Class! We are Laborers, We Are Right, We Will Win!

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