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Dev-Young People Distributed the 123rd Issue of Walking Magazine in Gazi District!

Walking as Giant-Young people on Wednesday, 19 JuneContents section of the journal and the editorial describing the parliamentary action.We took a photocopy of it and distributed it to our people door to door. Arrested in magazine raidWe talked about the torture our friends went through. Despite all the obstaclesthat we deliver our Walking Magazine to our people with our means,We told that our office was raided and dozens of march workers were arrested.Our people in the houses we have described, on the other hand, can only resist the pressures that we should be united.He said that this way we can stand up.

After our work the previous week,the police went around the houses we visited, ‘who made these writings’ ‘who came here?They disturbed our people by saying, ‘What did they distribute, what did they say’.What do you think they can’t prevent us from going to our people, no matter what they do with us?We told him that we would come back under any circumstance. In return weOur people said that they are waiting again. Our work was completed after 3.5 hours.70 magazines were delivered to our people.
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