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Dogan Presse Ajans Statement: Hasan Saltık Lost His Life

The owner of Kalan Music, which introduced the musical wealth in Anatolia to the world, Hasan Saltik passed away on June 2, at the age of 57, of a heart attack. We wish our condolences to the Saltik family and our people.

Dogan Presse Ajans Statement: Hasan Saltık Lost His Life

After Hasan Saltik’s death, condolence messages were first issued throughout Turkey and abroad. Grup Yorum posted the following message on its social media account:

“Our very, very valuable friend, a loyal companion, our devoted brother; We lost Hasan Saltik. He was not only our producer, but our friendship that has grown unshakably with hard work and loyalty since the first years of our establishment. He always stood by us without hesitation under any circumstance. No threat, no pressure could prevent our friendship. Kalan Music started its production work with Grup Yorum and until now, neither comment has given up on Hasan Saltik, nor Hasan Saltik comment.

Only Grup Not in the date of comment, but with the contributions he made to the Turkish music archive, he left a very big, deep, powerful and unique trace.

Today we learned that he passed away due to a heart attack. We are very, very sorry.

All of us; Condolences to his family, KalanMuzik family and all our people…”

Hasan Saltik, who was born in 1964 in Dersim, completed his primary education in Dersim and his secondary education in Istanbul. . He continued his oboe education, which he started at the Istanbul State Conservatory, due to economic difficulties, and continued at Suadiye High School. Kalan Music, which left its mark on the history of Anatolian music, from Grup Yorum, which has taken its place all over the world with its resistance, from Pomak immigrants to Tahtacı Turkmen, from Sadettin Kaynak to MünirNurettin Selçuk, from Hacı Taşan to Hisarlı Ahmet, from Hafız Yaşar to Muharrem Ertaş ‘a; He published an archive material ranging from Neşet Ertaş to Neyzen Tevfik, from Malatyalı Fahri to Âşık Veysel. With his projects, he made it possible for the Anatolian cultural heritage to be opened to the world through international festivals and to meet with the audience and academicians in the world’s most prestigious archives and libraries. Also, in 1998, he turned to the field of Classical Western Music with the ‘Miniatures’ of violinist Cihat Aşkın. >Dogan Presse Agence

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