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Euro-Giant Young Greece Makes Statement on its Free Prisoners

The 11 revolutionary prisoners who were unjustly imprisoned in Greece are not alone.

At the request of the Greek prosecutor’s office for 537 years in prison, the judge sentenced 11 Turkish revolutionaries to more than 220 years of imprisonment. they did it, but they were wrong. Because 11 Turkish revolutionaries were not the ones on trial, they were the ones on trial! The items that the Greek court accepted as evidence for membership in the organization are as follows: -Shooting the same slogans – Making a victory sign – staying in the association Like these abstract madmen, the whole court was abstract.11 even once a revolutionary without interruption from start to finish (including witnesses), moreover, in one hour of the court’s recess, the revolutionaries were attacked by the terrorist police. We, the Europe-Giant Youth, will shout the voice of our comrades in Greece all over Germany! We will expose this injustice everywhere! PRISONERS OF FREE GREECE IT IS OUR HONOR!

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