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Europe Dev-Young: Sedat Peker, Süleyman Soysuz, Mehmet Ağar and all the fascist AKP government are enemies of the people, traitors!

The fascist gang residue named Sedat Peker has published 8 in total since May 2, 2021. In the video, he explains to the public a small part of the crimes he committed under the command of the fascist state. However, it should be noted at the outset that he is doing this not because he has changed his attitude and mentality towards the fascist AKP, but for his own personal interests and calculations, to put pressure on Soysuz Süleyman and Erdoğan. Although Peker’s statements shocked the bourgeois politicians, this was not a surprise for the Dev-Genç. Because, as children of the people, we know very well the corruption policies of this fascist state under the authorization, order and supervision of imperialism. First of all, we know from our struggle against drugs and corruption, from our martyrs, Hasan Ferit Gedik, we know the true face of this order. We know very well that drugs were introduced into our country and our neighborhoods to numb and depoliticize our people, that is, to prevent our people from becoming revolutionary. As a matter of fact, the head of this corruption operation was Mehmet Ağar, the head of security and justice minister of the 1990s, the murderer counter-guerrilla. Ağar, who was responsible for 17 thousand unsolved murders only yesterday, is the chairman of the board of directors of Yalıkavak Marina, which has become the home of the drug trade. Moreover, the Innocent Süleyman is trying to make fun of our minds and tell the public that this is a coincidence. However, we know that thanks to the public enemy Mehmet Ağar, Istanbul has become the world’s 2nd and Adana’s 3rd largest drug-trafficking city in the world! Peker, on the other hand, not only filled his own pockets, but also assumed the guard of the fascist power by organizing rallies for the AKP and beating deputies who criticize Erdoğan. Soysuz Süleyman, who killed the revolutionaries in this dirty, mutual interest relationship, also gave police protection to a gangster like Peker after all his services and took him abroad. This is the “locality and nationality” of the fascist AKP; to surrender your homeland to the narcotic for the sake of imperialist interests! Although Peker dishonor shows himself to be “patriotic” and respectful to “true leftists”, we know that he is an enemy of our honor, our homeland and our values, and that he is an enemy of the people who do the illegitimate works of the collaborator state.

Our people!

The only way to create an alternative order to the fascist mafia state, drugs, prostitution, gambling and massacres is an organized struggle! For a fully independent, democratic and socialist Turkey, we call all our youth to the ranks of GIANT-YOU so that our people are not poisoned with drugs and die!

People Enemy Gangsters, Not Patriots, Revolutionaries, Be Imprisoned!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle! !

Peker, Erdoğan, Soysuz, Ağar and all Public Enemies will be held to account!

We are the people, we are right, we will win!

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