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European Grup Yorum Volunteers Suggest Movie of the Week

Movie of the week: Gagarin orLet’s Watch Kalashnikov Movies.
Soviethow he produced engineers and astronauts from village children,It shows that anyone can do anything.
Also in the movie Kalashnikovthat you can be an engineer without reading, that many things can be done. this issuethe people tell their children that no one should empower them.
Many other things it tellsbeside.
Here is the history of world revolutionHelin, who wrote her name, is an example of this.
Mustafa, Igbo is an example.They are resisting for all the peoples of the world. They represent the dignity of all the peoples of the world.
An ordinary folk boyMustafa is making history.
He brings cruelty to his kneessecond, with his body that melts every moment and resists torture.
Believe the children of this people.The children of this people will also make this revolution…
Book of the Week:
Those who have not read the wild capricorn book one dayWe have a book that they can read and finish as soon as they get their hands on it..
Aegean neocolonialismIt tells about the wild kid that fills the mountains.
Understanding the resistance is our countryTo understand his struggle is to understand the country we live in. A new colonialWhat, why, how we do it in the country, we will do it. It will be a small one.
and you get wild CapricornSince we think you can finish as soon as possible, we will have a second suggestion…
Love our brochure for everyonecan read.
What is love, what constitutes love.Values ​​created from yesterday to today are knitted. What should all love be directed towards?
From Ferhat and Şirin to Muharrems.
Your Reviews And What You’ve ReadWe Would Be Happy If You Share It With Us.
Movie and Book-BrochureYou Can Download From The Links Below:
Gagarin movie: ?v=2h79C_2wR04
Kalashnikov movie: movie/kalashnikov-watch/
Wild Capricorn book link:
Link to the love brochure: https: //
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