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Free Prisoners of Greece: Neo Democracy Party Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries

Neo Demokratia (New Democracy Party) Government Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries in the Name of Turkish Fascism!

Sinan Oktay Özen’s Right of Session Wants to Be Denied!

The Greek State, since the NeoDemokratia party came to power Since then, it has been continuing its attacks against the revolutionaries more intensely. Our Comrade Sinan Oktay Özen, who was imprisoned in the Koridallos Prison, continues to add new attacks in parallel with the policies of AKP fascism in order to benefit their imperialist masters, following the Turkish Fascism’s decision to “seize property”. The day the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish fascism met with the Prime Minister of the Mitsotakis Government, that is, it is clear what they were talking about.) He wants to be deprived of his right of residence, although he has applied for asylum since 1995 and has the status of “political immigrant” since 1996.

The reason is obvious. NeoDemokratia Government, which continues its negotiations with Turkish fascism, fulfills the instructions of Turkish Fascism, which is its “historical enemy” when it comes to the interests of its imperialist masters. It is attacking to strengthen its relations with Turkish fascism and to make its imperialist relations permanent. And he does not do this through a single comrade. Our comrade İsmail Zat, who was imprisoned in the Koridallos Prison recently, asked AKP fascism to answer the questions of collaborating and spying, the conspiracy case against 11 of our comrades who are now imprisoned in all Greek Prisons (which is the Minister of Interior of AKP fascism Soysuz after the operation related to this case. It is these bilateral relations that Süleyman Soylu said “We gave the order” explains the hands of the conspiracy) and the reason why he attacked all our democratic actions that we want to do throughout Greece.

We, as Turkish Revolutionary and Free Prisoners Imprisoned in Greek Prisons, Ask Mitsotakis Government;

– What dirty bargains did you make on our behalf?

– What assurances through your Ministers to Turkish Fascism? What promises did you make?

– What promises did you make to your imperialist masters?

– For the Liberation of their People, which interests did you negotiate to protect the revolutionaries fighting against imperialism?

We believe that all these attacks We know that on the basis of our love for our people and our homeland, our intransigence and non-submission.

And we address the Neo Democracy Government headed by Mitsotakis; You cannot receive the revolutionaries with your clear arrests, neither with the cancellation of asylum you have applied for nor with the cases of extradition. Put an end to all the crimes you have committed against the revolutionaries as soon as possible. Explain to the people of Greece the bilateral agreements you made with Turkish fascism behind closed doors and the promises you made to your imperialist masters. Explain your reasons for making the revolutionaries a bargaining chip.

All the attacks you have resorted to are in vain, Your Imperialist Masters and the Power of Turkish Fascism Will Not Be Enough to Capture the Revolutionaries!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

Down with Imperialism, Long Live the People’s Struggle!

We Will Win By Resisting!

Free Prisoners of Greece: Neo Democracy Party Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries

Free Prisoners of Greece

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