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Freedom for Musa Aşoğlu Committee: Release Musa Asoğlu

The final hearing of the 3/2 case of revolutionary prisoner Musa Aşoğlu, who was imprisoned in the German state of Hamburg, was held on May 19th. He held a support action in front of the courthouse.

The court committee that watched this hearing was the one who sentenced our comrade to 6 years and 9 months in prison three years ago for his political thoughts. ” and then they would put their own unlawfulness into practice. However, the only constant truth is; As MusaAşoğlu emphasized in the defense file he gave to the delegation, he did not give up his thoughts and continued to defend the same values! “I didn’t do anything criminal in Germany. I am revolutionary. I grew up with revolutionary thoughts and will continue to carry values. It is not a crime to fight against oligarchy, imperialism and fascism. Even in your Constitution, it is known that fighting against fascism is not a crime and there are harsh sanctions against those who defend fascism.

Well, why is it a crime when it comes to a revolutionary?

Racism, that is, fascist attacks, all over the world as in your country. is rising every day. Fighting against fascism is not a crime! Fighting against imperialism cannot be considered a crime!

Isolation, arbitrary practices… you are resorting to all kinds of methods to purify me from my thoughts! You think that you are punishing me by not confiscating the books, letters and cards sent to me. However, with such applications, you cannot receive revolutionary ideas. I am not doing you any favors. It is my right to benefit from the 3/2 law. I am exercising my right…”

The crowd outside showed that Musa Aşoğlu was not alone with their solidarity. In the statement made by his lawyer, it was emphasized that the decision would be notified to them.

In the phone call we made with Musa Aşoğlu the next day, he said the following; “I saw our people waiting in front of the courthouse with red flags from inside. Waving red flags raise our hopes. The same delegation that punished us for our thoughts came before us and tried to test whether we were corrected or not. German imperialism is breaking its own laws. He is committing a crime. Our quest for justice will continue no matter what their decision is!”

The Unlawfulness of the German State Continues!

Our comrade Musa Aşoğlu stated in our telephone conversation on 1 June that the court informed his lawyer of the hearing decision dated May 19th. This decision of the court board proved how they ignored the law by violating their own constitution.

REJECTING the request for release even though our comrade completed 3/2 percent of the sentence given to him; It was proof of how the German state disregarded the law with the intention of purging a revolutionary from his thoughts, and that it violated its own laws and laws.

German imperialism says; “If we release you, you will continue to carry, spread, own and defend the same thoughts… You will serve the full sentence we have given you!”

Musa Aşoğlu also says; “Of course I will continue to live with my thoughts. I will continue to keep the ideas I defend alive. After my release, I will continue to fight to keep these ideals alive. I will fight for the removal of DHKP-C from the “terror lists” that you have created, without fighting for the unity and liberation of the peoples against imperialism. I will file lawsuits against the banning of our publications, which are the voice of those who resist, and protect the freedom of the press. I will continue to suffocate you with my thoughts in your dirty history…”

We invite all of our people to embrace Musa Aşoğlu. You can embrace him by writing letters and sending cards.

Making a Revolution is Not a Crime, It is a Duty!

Revolution is Honor!

Musa Aşoğlu is the Son of the Peoples of the World, the Owner of an Uncompromising Struggle Against Imperialism and Fascism!

Musa Aşoğlu Must Be Released Immediately!

< p>We Want Freedom For All Political Prisoners!

Fighting Fascism Is Not A Crime!

Fighting Imperialism Is Not A Crime!

Freedom for Musa Aşoğlu Committee

Dogan Presse Agence


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