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German Popular Front: The Killer of Deniz Poyraz and Berkin Elvan is AKP Government

The person or persons who raided the İzmir HDP provincial building in the morning of June 17, shot and killed the officer Deniz Poyraz who was there. We offer our condolences to his family, relatives, HDP members and all our people. This has prevented the carnage from growing.” Because of this lack of knowledge, the massacrers could not find 40 people in the HDP building they entered, and killed Deniz Poyraz, who was there, first by shooting, torturing her from behind, and then shooting her in the head.

There is a police tent opposite the HDP building and it keeps a 24-hour watch.

The HDP members repeatedly report to the police that there are fascists wandering there, and make a criminal complaint about this.

The killer who entered the HDP building enters the HDP building with a bag full of weapons, commits a massacre, stays inside for 50 minutes, but ” The police who don’t fly can’t see this.

There are gunshots inside, but he doesn’t come in for half an hour.

The killer himself goes downstairs, the police ask him, “What’s your name?”

The police, who confiscated the cameras of the shopkeepers around, are deleting the camaraderie records. It obscures the evidence and makes the case smaller. Despite the bullet holes in the building, which are more than 35 and obviously from a big gun, the police are trying to make it look like it was done with a small gun in the hand of the murderer Onur Gencer. Although only 7 bullet holes were detected in Deniz Poyraz’s body, she was trying to minimize the incident and show an individual attack. Moreover, before Deniz Poyraz’s body is even buried, the murderer is arrested within 24 hours. He hastily arrests him before the investigation is even completed. Police, who tortured people for days, even detained those who were detained while performing democratic protests, is waiting for a bloody murderer on the stairs. He greets you as “my brother”.

Why? Because AKP already knows the details very well.

Need more details? Maybe the other killers next to this killer were already their friends, police, myth guards etc.

The AKP cannot explain this massacre with demagogy! The police, who killed the young Kemal Korkut, who went to the Newroz demonstration and stripped naked, in front of thousands of people, welcomes the murderer politely.

The same day, the AKP courts render a verdict in the Berkin Elvan case: Berkin’s murderer is given a 16-year sentence and no need for his arrest. His mother Gülsüm Elvan exclaims:

“My son was 16 kilos when he died, they gave a one year sentence for each kilo, that’s your justice!”

Your hostilities and massacres against the children of the people

We openly declare: The attack on the HDP building, the instigator, organizer and perpetrator of the massacre is the AKP government itself.

It is the AKP government with its courts that murdered Berkin Elvan, protected the murderer police, did not judge, and acquitted the murderer.

The AKP government washes its hands with the blood of the people’s children every time. He won’t be able to avoid paying for it.

The AKP, which was hit by a mafia scam they used, cannot clean its exposed face with new massacres. While the AKP’s “Ingenuity”, which are not hidden for us, were being revealed in the language of Sedat Peker, the AKP again found the way to get rid of it by murdering the people. They cannot justify all the filth and massacres they have committed with new massacres. The Kurdish people, the Anatolian peoples, whom you have slaughtered for years, driven from their homes and villages, tied behind the panzers and tortured in every way, do not fear your massacre!

Because the massacres and persecution you inflicted on the Anatolian peoples have no limits. You are committing new massacres and preparing more massacres in order to suppress the fear that what you have caused to the workers of this country, Kurdish, Turkish, Alevi, Sunni, of all faiths and nationalities will come back to you. We know this and we are not afraid of you! But we tell you:

You are a murderer!

You are despicable!

You are a coward!

You are right to be afraid.

Fear From us!

Fear these honorable people who are eagerly waiting to be held accountable for what you have done!

Wait for all Anatolian peoples with their Kurds and Turks!

Our people:

This bloody, fascist, mafia order wants to kill us tens of hundreds of times and has completed its preparations for this. even. He has trained his bloody militias and keeps them ready for new massacres. It is our duty to organize against this murderous order and to be stronger!

It is our duty to hold our murdered children accountable!

The order that killed our children and acquitted the murderers is theirs, the murdered children are our children!

In a country where there is no justice and the state is organized against the people, it is our duty to organize and fight for the People’s Justice and to destroy this murderous order, in order to build an unbreakable barricade for the right of our children to live, against all injustices! No power can defeat the organized people! They are a handful of murderers and we are millions of people! We will not be their victims but the executioners of their filthy schemes! We are the right ones and we will be the winners.

Deniz Poyraz is Immortal!

Deniz’s Murderer is AKP Government!

Berkin’s Deniz’s Killer AKP Will Give Account to the People!

The people are right, we will win!

Long live the People’s Justice!

People’s Front of Germany

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