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Germany Giant-Young Description:

GROUP Comment Performed at Our Magdeburg Meeting Despite Police Intervention!

The German police, seeing that Grup Yorum also participated in the solidarity action with revolutionary prisoners in Magdeburg, Germany, on June 18, arbitrarily banned them from performing. Together with Grup Yorum workers, we, as the European Giant-Young people, did not accept these practices and started a resistance. We exposed the racist policies of the German state and the bans placed on Grup Yorum, in the speeches we made after we put our clothes on the police chiefs who tried to force us to surrender. The German state, which finances the weapons for the massacres of the fascists, cannot even tolerate the songs sung against racism. Because they are afraid of our folk songs, they are weak and helpless in front of our halay. Today we experienced another example of this and at the same time we saw a first in Germany, even in Europe. The German police tried to raid the stage of Grup Yorum, whose only “crime” was to sing folk songs and dance halay, to detain the band members, attacked children, women and families! However, in the face of these undertakings, European Dev-Young people and Grup Yorum members organized a successful resistance by organizing the people and our German friends. We stood together against the intervention of the police special operations and did not allow even one of our friends or a commentator to be detained! We continued to sing our songs while resisting, despite the fact that they cut off our electricity, confiscated our drums because they were supposedly “dangerous”, and came with dozens of police cars and buses and special forces. AS A RESULT, THE POLICE HAS NO REMEDY OTHER THAN TO WITHDRAW BACK AND SUBMISSION AGAINST OUR WILL!The German state, which has all kinds of technical equipment, huge armies, police and intelligence agencies, although we are only 40 people today! And we saw once again that we should not be afraid, on the contrary, we are the nightmare of imperialism! We are waiting for our people to our rallies that we will hold together with Grup Yorum throughout Germany! and our actions will continue! GROUP COMMENTS ARE THE PEOPLE, CANNOT BE SILENT! TURKULER IS NOT SILENT, HALAYS CONTINUE!

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