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Grup Yorum Concert Held in Athens

On October 19, 2019, the Group was held in Athens, the capital of Greece.The commentary concert was held.
Concert work started weeks in advance,Grup Comment with posters, coupons, leaflets, banners in many regionsThere is no place left where his concert is not heard.
10 days before the concert, with the participation of Grup Yorum members.concert work was enthusiastic. In many well-known spots of Athens,Concert call desks were opened and voice calls were made. One-to-One Grup Yorum membersThey opened a table and made a call to the concert. Famous radio andInforming about the invitation to the concert and Grup Yorum by making statements to television channelsThey did. Concert with the internationalist solidarity of the Greek Peopletheir work has grown.
The concert will be held at noon on October 19th.Polytechnic university, internationalist solidarity with red flagsbanners, the hunger strike days of Grup Yorum members are written and MustafaBig banners writing Koçak’s death fast were hung behind the scenes.
Political and food stands opened, from the Greek leftThere were also stands of organizations.
With the approach of the concert hour, the Greek people flock to the Polytechnic.They came to the university.
First, a speech was made on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Front.The purpose of the concert. The hunger strike and death fast of Grup Yorum and Mustafa Koçakresistance and demands. Imperialist aggression in Syria and around the worldand Turkey’s occupation of Syria was protested. coming to the concertThanks to the people of Greece and solidarity with the resistance and Grup was made. Greek band Υπεραστικοί (Iperastatic) stageThe concert started with the music group of the Greek people who took the stage for an hour.They sang from their music and their own popular folk songs. Solidarity messagesmusic group that gives a voice, internationalist solidarity and owning Grup Yorumgave the messages.Υπεραστικοί’sfollowed by a speech in Turkish and Greek on behalf of the Popular Front. public sideIn the speech made on behalf of “Imperialism to the liquidation attack of the revolutionary struggle”the only hope in the world where Marxism-Leninism continues to be defended againstthat there is socialism, that the liberation of the peoples is in the war against imperialismexplained. Turkey’s policies of US imperialism as an occupying power in SyriaTurkey’s fascism, together with the Kurdish people, was introduced into Syria within the framework ofHe was told that he was targeting his people. “Turkey’s invasion of Syria showed that imperialismNo people can gain any rights on the basis of imperialism.The people cannot make a revolution. Mentioning the resistances of the Popular Front, the GroupCommentary and Mustafa Koçak’s hunger strike resistance, where the struggle is enlargedexplained. A call for solidarity and resistance was made.
After the speech ΦΩΤΗΣ ΣΙΩΤΑΣ – ΠΕΤΡΟΣ ΜΑΛΑΜΑΣ (Fotis Siotas – Petros Malamas) groupHe took the stage and supported Grup Yorum with his songs.
At the end of the program, Grup Yorum was on the stage. First of all, GreeceThey greeted the people and the Greek Revolutionaries, supported the concert and supported the concert.He started the concert by thanking them for their help in their work and saying welcome.Group Comment. To support their hunger striker comrades, why did their comrades go hungry?After saying that he was on strike and his demands, one by one, the hunger strikerswith pictures of their comrades and the days of the hunger strike below them.T-shirt was worn. Those who come to the concert will be excited with Grup Yorum folk songs.they reached their peak. Grup Yorum’s program lasted two hours with 20 songs. in every pieceIt was performed in Greek narrations together with prepared cine vision screenings.After the folk songs, great halays were formed shoulder to shoulder with the halay red flags.Under the auspices of the people of Greece, Turks and Kurds, everyone stood for halay.
Grup Yorum saying that we are right and we will win after the halayThank you very much to the Greek People who came to the concert that they have come to the end of the concert.was done. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the realization of the concert.
1500 people attended the concert.
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