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Grup Yorum: German Imperialism Cannot Prevent Our Art

The German police attacked the “solidarity rally with revolutionary prisoners” held in Magdeburg on Friday, June 18th, due to the participation of our group, GrupYorum. Magdeburg police announcing that they banned our concert without any document, court order, and said that they would intervene if we took our instruments and started to give a concert. We declared that we do not recognize this arbitrary decision and that we will sing our songs here today no matter what, and we started our program with our friends who organized the event.Magdeburg Netzwerk After the statements by Für Politische Gefangene (Solidarity with Prisoners) and European Giant-Young People were read, we got ready to take the stage and the police teams prepared for the intervention. Our friends from the Youth and Prisoners’ Solidarity Network also got us in a circle and got together. A few minutes later, when the German police attacked, everyone got together and we continued to sing our songs at the same time. The German police tried to detain us and our friends with torture, but they had to take a step back in the face of our resistance. After a while, the German police, who could not break the ring we created by clamping together, withdrew after a while. Many of our friends were injured during the attack, our drums were confiscated due to “constitutes a crime”, our electricity was cut off so that our voices could not be heard from the microphone while we were singing. the police attacked us and our listeners and attempted detention. The whole area, the street of the square, the side streets and the street of the place where we stayed were equipped with police cars and their teams, and the teams did not leave the area until 21.00 in the evening. Today, we once again neutralized the attacks of German imperialism and exposed the lies of democracy. We have repelled all the arbitrary attacks imposed on us with our resistance, and together with our listeners and comrades, we have shown that they will not silence us wherever we are, that we will never allow this, that we will only respond to their attacks with resistance. Pressures cannot intimidate us! Group Comments are the People Can’t Be Silenced! Folk Songs Don’t Be Silent, Halays Continue! Group Comment

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