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Grup Yorum Performed at the MLPD Festival

On Saturday, July 10,Organized by MLPD (German Marxist Leninist party) in StuttgartWe performed at the festival as Grup Yorum.

For Group CommentWe talked about the oppression, we wanted freedom for our imprisoned friends. Your printsnot only in Turkey, but also in German imperialism against us.We told about his attacks, that he banned our 5 songs, that the police in Magdeburg told usWe told him that he attacked us and that our biggest strength against these oppressions is solidarity.We said that and once again emphasized the importance of internationalism.

The organizer of the festivalHe talked to us after the concert and said these; “your music is revolutionIt is important for the people of the world, it is very important for the people of Turkey, especially for the people of the world.It is also important for international solidarity, people from many organizations herebut Grup Yorum unites them all, when Grup Yorum took the stage, we allwe were there.” Grup Yorum Performed at the MLPD Festival

Group Comment is PeopleCannot be muted!


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