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International Solidarity Conference and Concert

Solidarity with the Death Fast Resistance in Turkey
3 May 2020 – 19 (Europe time: 18.00)
İbrahim Gökçek must live!
Freedom to Grup Yorum!
Freedom to People’s Advocates!
Freedom for Political Prisoners!
Helin Bolek is Immortal!
Mustafa Koçak is Immortal!
Turkey: Grup Yorum, People’s Advocates, TAYAD, Resistance House -With Pear
Greece, Palestine, Ireland, England, Austria,Mexico, Peru, Donbass, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Philippines
Grup Yorum, Efkan Şeşen, Hüseyin Turan, Hakan Akmaz, İbrahimKaraca, Haluk Tolga İlhan, Muzaffer Gezer, Austria – Topoke, France -Afrokan, Gehorwaesche – Germany, Pol MC Adaim – Ireland, Nicolas – Chile
Justified Claims Accepted!
International Solidarity is the Weapon of the Peoples!
Against Imperialism, Fascism, Inequality and InjusticeStruggle is not a crime, it’s a duty!
Anti-Imperialist Front
Live Stream link:
International internet conference
And Concert
Solidarity to death fast comrades in Turkey
3 May 2020 – 19 (Middle Europe: 18.00)
Ibrahim Gokcek must live!
Freedom for Group Comment
Freedom for People’s Lawyers
Freedom for political prisoners
Helin Bölek is immortal!
Mustafa Koçak is immortal!
Turkey: Grup Yorum, Peoples’ Law Office, TAYAD, ResistanceHouse – Pear
Greece, Palestine, Ireland, England, Austria, Mexico, Peru,Donbass, Spain, Italy. Bulgaria Philipines
Their rightful demands must be accepted!
International solidarity it’s our weapon.
Fight against imperialism, fascism, inequality andinjustice, it΄s not a crime. It’s a duty!
We are right and we will win!
Anti-Imperialist Front
Live link:
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