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KEC: Call to KESK for the 10th General Assembly

For the 10th General Assembly

Single Call to KESK, Single Agenda, Single Request:

End the AKP Collaboration with Fascism and the Betrayal of Public Workers!

Stop the Revolutionary Enmity!

The Decisions of Expulsion from the Union of the Supreme Resistance and Revolutionary Public Workers

Should Be Retracted!

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For the unions and the confederations they are affiliated to, the general assembly processes are important for both their members and managers. During the general assembly processes, union and confederation members and managers evaluate what they have done in the past period, come to terms with mistakes and shortcomings, and continue their struggle even stronger with the results they have drawn. These are the must-haves for labor unions and confederations.

Is it Possible to Say These for the KESK 10th General Assembly?


At the point KESK has reached today, the plenary processes mean nothing other than armchair fights, bargains, and decisions that reinforce cooperation with fascism, hostility to revolutionaries and betrayal of workers. Today, KESK has moved away from being a labor union-confederation, its founding goals and objectives, and working class ideology. While 4350 KESK members were dismissed from their jobs, KESK reconciled with fascism and turned its back on its members.

KESK is proud of all public workers for their work and effort He did not show support and ownership to the 5 years uprising of the Yüksel Resistance fighters who resisted for 5 years. /p>

KESK CHOOSE NOT TO RESIST and not only to resist, but also to stand against the resistances. Resisting Yüksel expelled the resistance members from the KESK building and attacked the expelled public workers who resisted in the same way as the fascism police. While the confederation-union buildings were open to AKP supporters, such as Şeref Malkoç, they were closed to public workers who resisted.

KESK killed the members of Yüksel Resistance upon the instructions of AKP fascism- Soysuz Süleyman. and Eğitim-Sen Hatay Management was expelled from Eğitim-Sen and BES. With a 3-second voting, without even giving its members the right to defend themselves. KESK declared their cooperation with fascism to the whole world by declaring their hostility towards the revolutionary public workers and the Supreme Resistance members to be removed from the union.

Our friends of union members affiliated with KESK…

Our brethren as public workers, our fighters…

This KESK is no longer KESK, which public workers have created with a thousand and one effort and costs. Reformist, conciliatory and collaborative understandings, which were shaped by the KESK administration, made KESK no longer a labor-oriented confederation. Today, they have reached the point of collaborating with fascism to move away from class unionism-revolutionary unionism, which they started by saying “Contemporary Syndicalism”. They created an example of American unionism in the field of public workers.

This KESK is not KESK fighting for the rights of public workers. This KESK is the one who brought the instructions of Solomon Süleyman to life…

Without asking those who made KESK to be held accountable, KESK will not be able to become the organization of public workers. Let’s hold KESK to account, our job is for our bread and our future, to save our unions from betrayal. LET’S GET ORGANIZED!

Reformists and conciliators entrenched in the KESK administration…


End the AKP Collaboration with Fascism and the Betrayal of Public Workers!

Stop the Revolutionary Enmity!

The Decisions of the Supreme Resistance and Revolutionary Public Workers to be Expelled from the Union

The Decisions Should Be Reverted!

Give Account to Public Workers!

We are workers, we are right, we will win!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

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Public Workers’ Front

June 2021

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