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Mersin People’s Front Description; You Can’t Mute Grup Yorum!

They have been oppressed for 34 years, detained,they arrested, tortured, could not silence; plundering cultural centersthey played, they broke their instruments, they could not silence them; eardrumsthey blew it up, they broke their arms, they pulled their hair out, they banned their albums,they had it collected, they could not silence it again; as they know very wellGroup of efforts, no despicable pursuits, no outdated fascist practicesHe couldn’t silence the comment, he won’t be able to silence it! People from Comment, Comment from peoplehe couldn’t break it, he can’t break it! The power of fascism is not enough for group comment 121 daysThe comment, which resists fascism with its hunger, has established a throne in the hearts of the people.On the bus, on the bus, at the cafe, at home, on the street, everywhere, our people sing their interpretation songs.He’s listening, come on, block it. That’s why you’re going to end you, your history is dustyYou won’t even be on their page, but the group comment will always exist, where is it?If there is resistance, the comment will be there.
Group Comment is the People and Can’t Be Silenced.
Concert Bans Should Be Lifted.
Mersin People’s Front
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