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New Poetry “Inevitable” by the Revolutionary Poet Halil Demir, One of the Free Prisoners of Greece

New Poetry


The river of time is flowing

By tasting the bitter water of humanity

It has been a dark age

< p>In the claws of the capitalist beast

The world is getting polluted

Your greedy colonizer

He is voracious

Stealing the blood of man

It eats man’s flesh

Destroys man’s soul

And sells tribute and auction

Gilded false hope

Television, newspaper

Author, illustrator, announcer

He processes lies to the brains

He says you win

The world of opportunities is this world

There is a near corner to turn the corner

Play, win, lottery, lottery

Try your luck at roulette, poker

Or sell marijuana, heroin, cocaine

More there

Market your meat, sell your soul

Let the deceased die

Let those who cannot find the money burn

To their own ignorance

Life is a fight

Throw a kick to anyone who falls

Don’t look at your age

Survive your friendship as much as you can

Purify from your feelings

< p>Let it fall out of your eyes mlacrocodile tears

Be yourself, don’t think

Live your life

Bars, discos, shopping malls are for you

If you couldn’t hit the piece

Czech bonsai get your head smoky

If you’ve been petty-bourgeois

Is anyone better than you?

You have a house and a car

You live behind it without looking

Don’t let the snake touch you

Be free, be yourself

Be a voluntary slave of the system

It says capitalism

There is no limit to the lie

But where there is a lie there is the truth

There are those who walk to death for the truth

There are those who overthrow the world of lies

There is comradeship beyond brotherhood< /p>

There is a new world

I do not exist, we exist

There is justice in the world of fellowship

As I die

We live immortal

To destroy capitalism

There are always those who fight

There is no way

The rotten one to be destroyed

Truth versus lie

And rebellion

An inevitable truth

The candle of lies will go out

Humanity will come to truth

The richest people in the world< /p>

The poorest people in the world not


All the people of the world will be equal

This is labor pain

From this swamp of blood and pus

A new will emerge human


Will break from the heart of capitalism

Red storm of socialism

Halil Iron- Free Prisoner of Greece

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