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On 13 MARCH, Halk Cepheliler Street Work was carried out in Kuruçeşme Neighborhood.

Most of the people in street work are in our neighborhood.They also voiced their complaints about drugs and corruption in general.In the folk narratives of drugs, prostitution, gambling, theft, disrespect.They also said that it was the AKP government where immorality increased the most.With our people, mainly the raids on our magazine and the members of Grup Yorum.attacks were discussed. In our study, 10yürüyüş magazine was delivered to the public.
People’s Front in Kuruçeşme on Tuesday, February 8-13Magazine in Yenimahalle, Merkez, Şenyurt and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods in Kıraç districtthey delivered to the public 45 magazines were distributed in the study.
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