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People of İkizdere, who have been resisting since April 21, are not alone!

The people of İkizdere, who resisted the quarry that wanted to be established and operated by Cengizin İnşaat, are not alone.

Villagers who did not want their nature and water to be polluted were detained, threats were made, in short, they want to spread fear from the people of İkizdere, who are resisting legitimately. The surrounding villages are also helping the villagers of İkizdereli.

We, the European-Giant Youth, are behind the people of İkizdere, and they are not alone in their resistance. AKP is trying to show itself as strong. In fact, they know very well how weak he is. Today, a ‘disaster’ is happening all over our country. Be it forest fires, disasters, landslides or earthquakes, the fascist government left the people alone with all their problems.

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