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Popular Front Celebrates May Day in London

Despite the corona virus of imperialism, Popular Fronts were still on the ground in our country and around the world. They came together saying that May does not fit in the houses. At 14:00, the crowd gathered in front of the Wood Green library with red flags and banners in their hands, although they could not embrace with the enthusiasm of May 1, they greeted with slogans in their language. When the police came and said, “Yesterday, you wrote us an e-mail and said you would gather, and we said no, you can’t do it for security reasons”, “your saying no to our mail cannot change the fact that today is May 1 workers’ and workers’ day, we will shout our slogans, read our statement and leave like that.” ” and we continued as we programmed.

Regardless of the pouring rain, after explaining the meaning and history of May 1 workers’ and workers’ day and the resistance to the Death Fast, Helin Bölek and Mustafa Koçak, a minute’s silence was held in memory of the martyrs of the revolution. The program continued with the slogan “Mustafa Koçak is Our Honor” by Murat Eren, a small 4-year-old activist who is the biggest supporter of the Death Fast Resistance among us. The square moaned with the slogans of “May 1 of the law, Biji Yek Gülan, Long live International Workers Day”.
A support hunger strike announcement to be made on May 2 (tomorrow) and a call to support the Death Fast and put it on our agenda were made.
Despite the corona virus, the disease of imperialism, the commemoration program ended with applause, bells and slogans with the enthusiasm of being on the streets with forty people, albeit symbolically.
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