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Popular Front of Dortmund

Let the Greek State Stop Torturing Revolutionary Prisoners!

Making Revolution is Not a Crime, It’s a Duty

Prisoners were attacked in the courts of 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece. The prisoners were tortured and put in cells.

Three revolutionaries who went to watch the court were also detained.

The Greek state is trying to hide its crimes by attacking the revolutionaries.

From the beginning, it continues these attacks in cooperation with imperialism and AKP fascism.< /p>

Revolution was to fight against imperialism and fascism, it takes its legitimacy from its historical justification.

Therefore, no attack, no intimidation can deter the revolutionaries from their legitimate cause.

The Greek state cannot hide its crimes.

Let 11 Turkish revolutionaries be released.

Stop torturing the prisoners!

We are right, we will win

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle

People’s Front in Dortmund


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