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Public School 42nd Issue Has Been Released

Our Death Fast Resistance for Justice;
The slogan “Shoulder to Shoulder Against Fascism” Is ForgottenIt Revived Revolutionary Solidarity in a Process. The Strongest of PeoplesHe Showed That His Weapon Is Solidarity.
Joint Call for Ebru and Aytaç from All Over the World:1,273 Aydıns, Artist, Politician, Journalist from Turkey: “Ebru and AytaçLet him be tried fairly!”, 1848 Bar Associations, Lawyers, Lawyers from 40 Different CountriesOrganization: “End Unlawfulness! Let’s Keep Our Colleagues Alive!””To Live is Right, To Live is Duty!” He Signed.
Thousands of Different Thinkers in Turkey and 50 Countries of the WorldProfession and Mass Organization, Party, Artist and Intellectual, Revolutionaries JusticeGathered in Resistance. Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Fascist ForcesHe Showed That His Unity Was Going Through Struggle Together.
The Resistance Gaining Solidarity on a World Scale Turkey RevolutionA First in Its History
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Issue: 42
Date: 28 August 2020
* The Death Fast Resistance We Conducted with the Demand for Justice for the First TimeIt Brings Such Wide Sections Together!
* Presidents of Bar Associations Visited Ebru and Aytaç…
* Soysuz Süleyman Prevents the Release of People’s LawyersInstructs Forced Intervention!
* Conditions in which Aytaç Ünsal was kept in the Prisoner’s Ward of the Hospital,Her Companion and Mother Nermin Ünsal Tells
* From the Free Prisoners Front: From Justice Fighter Didem Akman…
* Joint Statement from International Law Organizations: …
* Belgian Lawyers, Colleagues on Death Fast, Ebru andSupport for Aytaç, Didem and Özgür’s Demands Hunger Strikeand Take Action
* From the Press: Fathers, Sons and Our Sorrows…
* From the Press: Two Lawyers and Hunger
* From the School of Life: The Main Way to Fight Opportunism to the Massesis to go
* Revolutionism: Edit We Will Never Compromise RevolutionismWe Will Protect and Grow!
* Why We Should Resist: Against the Order That Makes Fun of the People’s MindResisting is a Must!
* Right to Resistance from Past to Present and Hunger Strike-Death FastHistory of Resistance: Chapter 13
* We Are Dev-Late: University Education in the Capitalist System MonopoliesShaped According to Their Needs
* KEC: No Crime, There is Resistance!
* News
* News from Europe
* No Death to Us
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