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Public School Magazine 30th Issue Is Out

On the 110th Day of Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya’s Death Fast

Isolation; It is either a Change of Thought or Imposition of Death,
To Kill It Slowly By Spreading It Over The Years! For life; ForeverIt means!
Rights and Freedoms by Keeping Us in Strict Isolation in Cells Until We DieYou Will Not Strangle Our Struggle!
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p>Public School Magazine 30th Issue Is Out

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* No to Isolation! 8 Billion Times No! from isolation,You Will Give Up On Injustice! D, E, F, H, T… Any Type of Prisons You WantOpen it, You Won’t Make It!
* Didem Akman’s Tape Nickname: Justice; HistoricalThe Name of Our Fight!
* Struggle for Justice for Those Who Cannot Defend the Right to ResistThey can’t! Justice Warrior People’s Advocates Are Our Honor!
* History of Resistance in Anatolia: 19-22 December Massacre andResistance
* No Justice for the People in the Judgment of Fascism! 19 DecemberThe Murderers Are Still Not Tried!
* Why We Should Resist: “Have You Seen the Righteous Cruel; AccountWhen No One Asks?”
* Right to Resistance from Past to Present and Hunger Strike-Death FastHistory of the Resistance – Chapter 4
* One of Us: About Political Victory…
* From Irish Poets to Grup Yorum and Starry HeartLetter to İbrahim Gökçek: “We Bring You Flowers With Our Hands İbrahim; AuntWe Want Freedom and Justice for the Oppressed and Captives!”
* From the School of Life: Combating Drugs, Fascism andIt is the Struggle Against Imperialism!
* Art and Artist for the Public: No Independent Art! EachArtwork is the Product of an Ideology
* There is No Justice for the People in the Law of Fascism: Fascism to the PeopleJustice Does Not Give, Justice Is Won By Resisting Fascism!
* War and Us: Warrior of Justice
* News from Our Country…
* Public School in Europe…
* No Death to Us
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