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Public School Magazine 47th Issue Is Out

You Can’t Silence With Legal BullyingPublic School Magazine 47th Issue Is Out

You Can’t Stop It With Re-Arrest From Prison!

Your Decaying Order, Your Corrupted Justice

You Have Been Crushed Under Our 30 Kg Sizes!

Number: 47

October 4, 2020


* Fascism, Decaying Order is Corrupted Justice

* Justice Is Too Valuable to be Left at the mercy of FascismReal Death is Accepting the Injustice of Fascism!

* Victory; It is the right of our people who resist like bread and water!Zafer, by Mustafa Koçak, Helin Bölek, İbrahim Gökçek, Ebru TimtikHe was born like the sun shining on his forehead, over the Anatolian lands!

* We Win the Victory in Death Fasting… We Will Ask Your AccountIn Every Square, Every Area! (News)

* Because: We Are Armed With Organizational Consciousness

* Art and Artist for the People: Our Art Gives the People the Strength to Resist!

* War and Us: The Warrior Is Creative

* The Cause of Our Poverty is the Raging Exploitation of Imperialism!

* Revolutionism: We Will Arm Our Brains to Reach New Humanity

* One of Us: From Spartacus to the Present, Rights and FreedomsIts Struggle Is The History Of The Resistances Written By The Peoples Of The World

* Why We Should Resist: Injustice, Hunger, PovertyWe Must Resist To Finish!

* Revolutionary Workers’ Movement: Why Death Always Becomes Us?

* Who is Turan Aktaş, What Does He Want, Why Is He Resisting?

* This Neighborhood is Ours: We Will Not Leave Our Neighborhoods to the Enemy!

* News…

* Public School in Europe

* No Death to Us

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