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Ras El Seni Event of Tekebaşı People’s Assembly Was Held With Enthusiasm!

On the New Year’s Day of the Arab Alevi people, on January 14, Tekebaşı PeopleAssembly held an event in the Multi-Purpose Hall. This studyPreparations were started days before for the announcement.
500 invitations to the public with the door work.distributed and 8 blueprints were hung in the central places of the neighborhood for the call.
Our friend who applied close to the event start timeCalled by the gendarmerie station command and you need to signwas summoned to the police station. Our friend who went to the police station “With Grup YorumIf you make a live connection, we will print it, we will allow you to organize an event next year.We will not give you any money, we will take you all into custody”. All printing andDespite the threats, our program continued without interruption.
The program of the event day was full. Our salon first”Against Drugs and Gambling in People’s Assemblies” signed by Tekebaşı People’s AssemblyLet’s unite. The State Behind Drugs, We Are Against It. Ras El YouWelcome to our event. Our strength is our unity”.Afterwards, the program started to flow slowly and the event started at 19.30.started. First of all, the Tekebaşı People’s Assembly statement was made. Then a slideThe pressures of the People’s Assembly, the threats of the police and thework has been described. After the slide show, someone from the neighborhoodOur girlfriend is playing baglama and singing our folk songs.deleted it. He left his place to Aşık Doğan of our neighborhood. The entire hall to Aşık DoğanAccompanied. After the enthusiastic moments, the Group, whose 2 members are now on death fast,A live connection has been established with comment members. Group Comment link along whyHe explained that they were on death fast and their demands. Grup Yorum to our peopleAfter celebrating the holiday, he sang the farewell song. Throughout the songThe salon accompanied the tunes of Yorum, our people stood by Comment,He stated that the public always supports his artists. And “Group CommentIt is the people, it cannot be silenced. Folk Songs Don’t Stop, Halays Continue!” Group with slogansWe are saddened to say goodbye to Yorum, but with more enthusiasm and solidarity.we did. Later in the night, Metin Gümüş and his team performed Arabic songs andGrup Yorum excited our people with the Gatling Gun, Come to the Mountains and Güleycan dances.Hundreds of people stood still and played games. With great joy and enthusiasm250 people attended the event.
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