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Resistance Council: We Will Not Let You Kill Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse, suffering from cancer, spent 27 years of his 37 years in captivity under torture in solitary confinement in a cell. Although the tortures applied to him made Ali Osman Köse unable to stay in prison, he was not released and eventually a 9 cm cancer cell formed in his 12 cm left kidney. He was referred to the Forensic Medicine Institution many times as a result of the ownership and insistence of his lawyers and comrades, but decisions were made that he could “stay in prison” every time. The process operated in this way is the only reason why the cancerous cell has reached such a dangerous size.

Ali Osman Köse was operated on at the end of May. Although he had undergone a very serious operation, he was taken to the normal room two days later and handcuffed to the bed by his arm, and the gendarmes were standing on his head for 24 hours. Ali Osman Köse is neither a drug smuggler, nor a mafia, nor a decapitate. Ali Osman Köse is a person who has devoted his life to this people and country, and has chosen the most honorable profession in the world, revolutionism. What they did to Ali Osman Köse comes from the enmity of the people.

This is the reality of prison in Turkey. Impossible prisons for those who commit crimes against the public. Prisons are for revolutionaries. All kinds of inhuman torture methods are applied to imprisoned revolutionaries.

We do not accept this inhuman and immoral treatment done to Ali Osman Köse. From here, we appeal to Edirne Trakya University Hospital;

You are the partners of this crime that you have kept silent by ignoring the ethics of medicine.

We, as the Resistance Council, do not accept the injustice inflicted on Ali Osman Köse and your attempt to murder him. We will never be silent.

Resistance Council: We Will Not Let You Kill Ali Osman Köse

Stop torturing Ali Osman Köse!

Stop ignoring Ali Osman Köse’s “Right to Life”!

Free Ali Osman Köse!

The Right to Treatment Cannot Be Prevented!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

Resistances Assembly

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