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Statement by the French Popular Front on the Raid on the Marching Magazine

Voice of the PeopleYou won’t be able to mute!
Walking Magazine Won’t Be Silent!
Our magazine will not be silenced.know. The ink of our magazine is the blood of our comrades. Our magazine, this people’sIt is an honorable part of its history written in blood. Therefore no powerIt cannot drown out our voice, it cannot silence our voice.
It washes, it burns, it prints,You are torturing our comrades with your perversion. Tell us whatare you getting? A big nothing.
I keep smashing youwe will. Every policy you apply will explode in your hand.
No cover you cut for uswe will not obey. We will continue to glorify the dignity of revolutionism. from revolutionismWe will not give up.
Pages again voice the voice of the peoplewill write. The voice of the people will circulate again.
We are the right one.
We are the strong.
And once again we say: Youwe will beat it! We will crush your fascism!
Yürüyüş DergisiLet Our Comrades Taken From the Raid Be Released Immediately!
People’s Voice WalkIt won’t shut up!
Down with Fascism, Long liveOur Struggle!
June 14
People’s Front of France

p>Statement by the French Popular Front on the Raid on the Marching Magazine

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