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Statement Concerning the Ayten Öztürk Court for Families with TAYAD

Today, as TAYAD Families, we were in the corridor where the court will be held for Ayten Öztürk at Çağlayan Courthouse. From the moment Ayten Öztürk was brought in, we embraced Ayten with our slogans. The police of the political branch took Ayten hastily to prevent this ownership and surrounded our friends who were there. They shot the slogans and said “you are committing a crime”. However, a civil fascist, mafia-mouthed person waiting in the corridor where the court will be seen, said to our friends, “If you throw another slogan, I will crush your head!” When he said that, the police of the political branch turned off their cameras and took the civilian fascist’s arm and removed him from there. To this situation;

“This is a courthouse, how can this be said here?” The answer of the police of the political branch to those who objected: “That man meant to crush your head, be quiet, this is the courthouse, you are giving us a headache.”

The side of the police of the political branch is already very clear with this incident. The police of the political branch brought the file from the 4th ACM to the 3rd ACM with great effort over and over again. File transfer is the job of the court clerk, not the Political Branch police. It is the political will that wants Ayten Öztürk to be detained and arrested for the second time. It is AKP Fascism. It is the continuation of the torture inflicted on Ayten Öztürk. 898 is the effort to find a just cause for the wound. It is the inability to cover up torture. This helplessness was committed in front of everyone in Çağlayan Courthouse today. AKP Fascism will definitely be asked to account for all this one day!

Families from TAYAD

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